2014 Chief Joseph Days Poster

The 69th Chief Joseph Days poster is available for sale at the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Office, Joseph, at Missy’s Uptown Art, Joseph, and at the 69th CJD Rodeo Souvenir Booth during the PRCA Rodeo performances. Cost is $15.00.


Dean Crouser

Dean Crouser

Born in 1960 in Portland, Dean Crouser is a native Oregonian and lifelong artist that specializes in the watercolor medium. He especially enjoys painting scenes that involve nature and the beauty of the outdoors.

Crouser is self-taught and strives to capture the beauty and simplicity of a scene in a manner that anyone can relate to. “I especially like to use bright, vibrant colors and allow them to mix on the paper rather than the palette. I make a concerted effort to be loose and spontaneous and let the paint flow freely to create the ‘accidents’ that are possible with watercolors when they are allowed to work on their own. It is the uncertainty of what might happen that makes things very exciting for me while painting.”

Crouser spent childhood summers camping and fishing on the foothills of Mt. Hood, Columbia River Gorge and Central Oregon’s Cascade Lakes. It was these early outdoor experiences and appreciation of natural scenic beauty that provides the groundwork of inspiration for his artwork today.

He is a graduate of the University of Oregon, where from 1978 – 1983 he competed on the famed track and field team in the shot put and discus. Crouser was a three-time NCAA Champion and inducted into the U of O Hall of Fame in 2003. After 30 years his school records still stand.

Dean’s art is licensed by several companies including Patagonia and Big Sky Carvers and his work is collected by literally thousands of art enthusiasts around the world.