Mutton Bustin’ has grown to be one of the most popular and entertaining extra attractions offered at Chief Joseph Days. During Wednesday and Thursday night’s performance, six contestants age eight or younger, weighing 60 lbs or less, will attempt to last six seconds on a sheep that is as unpredictable as a bull.

Sheep are released from a chute just like in a bull riding competition, and take the rider towards the other side of the arena. It’s tough to hold on!

Time and scores count, but all the contestants receive prizes from the sponsors.

These young riders excite the crowd, and everyone cheers them on.

Anything goes and usually does, as these boys and girls cling to the sheep as hard and as long as they can – hoping to hear the six-second whistle.

Entries are full for 2021, stay tuned for sign up for the 2022 Chief Joseph Days Rodeo