The Chief Joseph Days Board of Directors would like to offer a heartfelt THANK YOU to Diane Witherrite who has retired from her many responsibilities at Chief Joseph Days Rodeo.

Diane Witherrite at the 2018 Chief Joseph Days Grand Parade
Diane Witherrite at the 2018 Chief Joseph Days Grand Parade

Diane Witherrite, who spent more than three decades with Chief Joseph Days Rodeo as a volunteer, director, and treasurer, has retired from her positions. 

Diane grew up in Joseph and represented the fourth generation of a family with deep ties to Wallowa County and Chief Joseph Days. Growing up in the world of rodeos with her parents, she was honored to serve as CJD Queen in 1983. Since then, her life evolved around Chief Joseph Days. Diane has served as the Chief Joseph Days Junior Parade Chairmen since 1984. She became a director in 2012. 

Her added responsibilities at Chief Joseph Days as a director were not only essential but crucial. In addition to being a director for the court, Diane served as the treasurer and office supervisor, directed marketing and advertising, managed souvenirs, two parades and sponsors, past courts, and special CJD events. 

Married to Mike Witherrite, both enjoy spending time with their two grown children and two grandchildren while taking care of their ranch outside of Joseph. In her professional life, Diane serves as the Business Development Officer for Community Bank and manages their logging company Mr. Timber. 

While her life as a director ended with her retirement, Diane intends to continue volunteering in the future. 

Thank you, Diane, for all you have done for Chief Joseph Days! You have left a mark that we shall never forget.