Dear Chief Joseph Days Community and Fans, In early March, the Chief Joseph Days Board of Directors began meeting every other week to discuss options regarding having Chief Joseph Days amid Covid-19 and it’s related impacts on our Rodeo Celebration.In the beginning, we felt very positive about our chances that the 75th Annual Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Celebration would happen as scheduled. We had many special festivities planned to make our 75th year an extraordinary year to remember. In April, our meetings became weekly. We still felt that the situation would improve and that by the end of July, the 75th Chief Joseph Days Rodeo would take place. Each week, we talked about how to proceed with planning our event. We discussed the pros and cons of holding Chief Joseph Days while trying to keep our community safe. We discussed the impact that canceling Chief Joseph Days would have on our community, local businesses, supporters, sponsors, and loyal fans. We also talked about the effects a cancellation will have on our contract people, such as stock contractors, bullfighters, announcer, specialty acts, barrel man, judges, scoreboard, rodeo secretary, timers, vendors, and of course our contestants.In May, our weekly meetings became even longer as reality started to set in. Rodeos all over the country began to cancel. A lot of them were scheduled for August and later. One of the hardest subjects included the dreams of our 75th Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Court and how not to shatter those much-anticipated expectations. Our young ladies worked hard many years in advance to become part of a special Chief Joseph Days Rodeo celebration, the 75th.All of these issues were thrown into the mix and repeatedly debated in our weekly meetings. In the end, our top priority was always the safety and well-being of our community, visitors, fans, Nez Perce encampment participants and their families, along with that of our competitors and support staff from the spread of the virus. With all that in mind, the directors had to make one of the toughest decisions that any of the past 74 Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Committees had to make. That is to cancel the 2020 Chief Joseph Days Rodeo celebrations. Hence, the 75th Chief Joseph Days Rodeo has been canceled for 2020 and will take place the last full week in July of 2021. Our sincere wishes go out to our fans, sponsors, contestants, vendors, volunteers, support staff, and everyone involved in Chief Joseph Days Rodeo family. May you all remain safe and healthy. We will get through this together and come back even stronger in 2021.God Bless the United States of America, Chief Joseph Days Rodeo, and all of you. We will see you again the last full week in July of 2021! Thank you for your understanding and your continuous support. Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Board of Directors We will have a ticket refund policy in place within the coming days. For additional questions, please contact our rodeo office, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from 10 am – 3 pm. Stay tuned for exciting news and updates regarding Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Court and other possible events as soon as state-mandated restrictions have been lifted.