2019 CJD Jr. Parade Results

105 Total Children

Grand Prize

Basketball Hoop Donated by Coca-Cola Bottling of LaGrande

Sound of Running Feet

Daughter of Chief Joseph Days

Jolee Cunningham & Pete


Cash Prizes donated in each category by:

Mr. Timber, Inc.


Ice Cream Cones donated to each participant by:

 R&R Drive-in


Small Fry – Costumes 0-5 years old


First Place

Toy Story at the Rodeo

Ender & Rue Kesler

Angela Ward


Second Place

LaGrande Hot Shots

Jace Thompson

Mitchell & Hayden Moncreif


Third Place

Junior County Commissioner

Bodee Bauck


Costumes 6-8 years old


First Place

Starlet’s Web

Loreen & Sydney Butler

Suade, Scarlet, & Stella Shetler


Second Place

Aloha from the Darkside – “Star Wars”

Jackson Radford


Third Place

Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Queen 2029

Vera Kuperstein


Costumes 9-15 years old


First Place

The Beach Boys

The Kale, Zollman Fitch, and Torres Families


Second Place

Wallowa County 4-H Court

Proud to be Part of CJD

Dakota Delyria, Destiney Wecks, Quincea Zacharias


Third Place

Kennewick Cowgirlz & Their Cowboy

Lauren, Leah, and Morgan Thompson

Brodi,  Braeli, & Joel McMullin




First Place

Storm Chasers

Avery Morgan & Codi Cunningham


Second Place

Riding Their “Horses” Down the Old Dirt Road

Lilly, Erkia, & Ky Arenas


Third Place

Vegetarian Rodeo & Carrot Wrestling

Izak Short & Xavier Arroyo


Marching Groups


First Place

Smokey Bear

75 Years of Prowling and Growling


Second Place

Mighty Mutts 4-H Dog Group





First Place


Tipton Ross, Jackson Kohlepp, & Carson Little



Riding Groups


First Place

Toy Story 4

Williams, Campbell, Stanley, & Judkins Kids


Second Place

Trick Rider

Carissa Yaw


Third Place

Sound of  Running Feet

Daughter of Chief Joseph Days

Jolee Cunningham & Pete

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