Tim Marshall with his wife Shelley.

The recipient of the 2018 Justin Boot Award, Tim Marshall, is best told by his daughter Abby’s own words from a speech at the 73rd Chief Joseph Days Coronation:

“Mom volunteered in 1990 to decorate and run the coronation dinner and dance; therefore, so did Dad.

Every spring between 1990 to 1998 Mom would have Dad cut boards, cardboard, trees, sagebrush and whatever harebrained decoration they came up with. Dad was also the gofer, bartender and cleanup crew.

Then in 1998, never mind that was the years that I was on the court and [they] still did coronation, Mom decides to take over the hospitality tent (still a tent) – so you guessed it – Dad was now a part of that, too. 

That year he saddled horses, drove, cooked for the parents while in the meantime driving back and forth to his job. He had cooked every year for the entire Nez Perce Riders 4-H Club at the Union Stock Show and other 4-H events throughout for both Heather and me.  So, it was only natural (Mom thought so) that he would go ahead and cook in the hospitality tent. 

Now mind you at the time hospitality at most rodeos included sandwiches and canned drinks. Well, since they didn’t have anything else going, why not cook at the rodeo as well? And – lets add a “bar” which in the beginning Dad was the bartender, too, and I must say caused a few hangovers to the people!

So since 1998, for what has now developed into being the MONTH of July, there is Dad always with the grill fired up and a cold beer.

Since then the hospitality “tent” has evolved into a structure equipped with a separate area for the BBQ away from the commotion and people in general.  On rare occasions an unknowing, new volunteer makes the mistake of coming to the [off limits] BBQ area to ask “when is the meat ready”. That only happens once. “The meat is ready when its ready” and always to perfection!

Now in Dad’s mind I am sure the segregated BBQ area was to be marked off like a crime scene “Do not enter”. But it’s the opposite: There is never a time Dad is alone under his little tent castle nor without a cold beer. Hell, he even has an assistant, that just like him never has  actually spoken the word “volunteer”, never asked for an assistant. But Larry has been right there to help every year for more than ten years and they have a great friendship going! 

So, for the last 28 years there has been my Dad – never in the lime light as he hates that – but he has always loyally been right there to lend a helping hand, hand out a cold beer, or hand out a perfectly cooked meal never wanting recognition but mostly just to keep Mom happy, LOL! But he also enjoys putting a smile in people’s faces with a beautiful prepared meal, and boy are we thankful for that”!

Congratulations to Tim Marshall from everyone at Chief Joseph Days Rodeo! Tim has indeed a special passion for Chief Joseph Days Rodeo. 

About the Justin Boot Award:
Each year, the Justin Boot Award is given to only 100 PRCA rodeos throughout the United States. It is designed to recognize those committee personnel and volunteers who not only support our western lifestyle, but go above and beyond their individual contribution to the spirit of rodeo.

Top picture: Tim Marshall surrounded by his daughters Heather and Abby.

Bottom picture: Tim Marshall with his wife Shelly.