2018 Harley Tucker Rodeo Series Update – Before the rodeo starts Wednesday night at Joseph, the points toward the Harley Tucker Rodeo Series Award have been accumulating from the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show at Union, the St. Paul Rodeo in St. Paul, Oregon, and the Elgin Stampede, which just finished up a week ago.  The unofficial tally shows Roger Nonella, from Redmond, Oregon, ahead with 10 points. He has accumulated points in both the calf roping and the team roping.  Jack Fischer from Ellensburg, Washington and team roping partner, Phoenix Everano of Pendleton, have earned points at Union and Elgin, totaling 5 points.

This award was started 49 years ago by committees from Joseph, Union, Elgin, and LaGrande to promote more participation at their respective rodeos and because Harley Tucker was the stock contractor for all four rodeos. When LaGrande discontinued their rodeo, St. Paul joined the group as Harley had been their stock contractor for years as well.

Along with the four rodeos, Farm Supply Distributors from Enterprise, the major sponsor, and the Tucker grandchildren contribute monies each year to make this happen.  The winner each year is given $3,000.00 and a beautiful belt buckle.  They also receive a leg on the accumulative fund, which goes to the first contestant winning 3 legs on the award.  The contestant must compete at all four rodeos.  The accumulative fund for 2018 is $10,000.00 and Tony Currin is the only one with 2 legs on the award. 

Since 1970, Butch Knowles of Heppner won $5,100.00.  Rocky Steagall of Irrigon, Oregon won $3,100.00, and Brad Goodrich of Hermiston, Oregon won $10,500.00.