Every year,  Chief Joseph Days Directors and Committee members, friends of CJD, and of course the new Chief Joseph Days Court, queen candidates Deidre Schreiber and Rylee Goller, gathered together to say Thank You! to the sponsors of the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Court. 

THANK YOU to all of our sponsors who make sure that Chief Joseph Days’ Rodeo Court and their equine partners will shine and look fabulous at home and every event they travel to…

CJD Sterling Silver Bracelets ~ Don Mallory Silversmith

CJD Sterling Earrings ~ Gave & Cammie Hale

CJD Royalty Pins ~ Darlene & Dave Turner, Mike & Kathy Warner

Chaps ~ Ray Wilson, Cheryl Kooch, Borgerding Constructions

Suede Embroidery & Embellishments ~ Mad Mary & Company

Hand painted Gloves ~ Barry & Jerry Qualle

CJD Garment Bags ~ 1991 CJD Chaparones Terry & Judi Holbrook, Princess Dawnette Waters & Teah Jones

For Boots & Wardrobe Discounts – The Sports Corral

Working Coats ~ Mike & Diane Witherrite

Spur Straps & Silver ~ Ray Wilson Saddlery

Parade Flowers ~ Enterprise Flower Shop/CJD Rodeo Committee
Pink Water Buckets ~ Linda Estes

Yeti Mugs ~ Debbie & Charlie Warnock

Scrapbooks ~ John & Gail Hillock

Spurs & Etiquette Dinner ~ Judy L. Bothum

Montana Silver Watches ~ Dan & Lori Butterfield, Mark & Anna Butterfield

Wardrobe Discounts ~ Wallowa County Grain Growers

Hat Cans ~ Del & Brinda Stanley, Diane Daggett, Debbie Schudder

Working Outfits ~ Court Parents

Make-up & Make-overs ~ Tamarah Duncan/Mary Kay Cosmetics

Splint Boots, Bell Boots, Halters ~ Cory & Dena Miller and family

Purses ~ 2018 Court Parents

Boot Bags ~ Dusty and Sara Tippett

Working Earrings ~ Del & Brinda Stanley

Complimentary Adjustments ~ Alpine Chiropractic

Hat Shaping ~ John Bailey

Riding Technique ~ Dena Miller, Teah Jones, Dave & Marianne Yost