Jerry and Jean Logosz

Close your eyes…..

Imagine in your mind, who could possibly be chosen as Grand Marshall of the famous Chief Joseph Days Rodeo in Joseph OR for the year 2017?

Could possibly be the most unlikely candidate in some eyes…..

This person, growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, a city boy, has never been to a rodeo or even rode a real live horse!

That is not until he chose Joseph, Oregon, as his own.  He soon learned that in Joseph, the center of all functions was the famous Chief Joseph Rodeo, its reputation, its activities, and the excitement stirred when each July rolled around was overwhelming. 

Knowing that all the success of any endeavor depended on the total, undying support of the community, he became a devoted volunteer, advocate, buckle sponsor, and mentor to the extensive organization. 

Over the years, the Rodeo has changed with many positives and new concepts, but traditions have endured, thanks to those community leaders.  Jerry, always the problem solver, sometimes the peacemaker, and forever the go to man, was elected president of the Chief Joseph Rodeo in 1990 and 1991.  Serving in many spots, first as volunteer, committee chairman, director, then as president. All a total of 28 years in community service in many capacities.

A tid bit to share as a side note: Along the way, Jerry was invited to a real live elk hunt on horseback down to the Hells Canyon by another volunteer, Keith Waters.  His rodeo friends assured him it was quite safe and the horse they had selected for him was, oh so gentle and had been the mount for many novices before him.  They did warn him if he got lost or away from the group he would need to have provisions and be prepared for the wilderness.  He was ready!! Lots of warm clothes, water, matches, and pockets full of provisions along with his trusty knife and rifle.  This horse, obviously very aware of having a greenhorn on his back, decided to take off for parts unknown and his rider bailed off, noting that this was not by choice, thus landing on his backside on to the cold hard ground.  He shared that he went home from this trip empty handed of an elk, but with a memorable souvenir  –  a tattoo of a pull-tab from the can of a Vienna sausages implanted on his butt. 

Jerry worked many Cowboy Breakfasts, and countless hours as needed.  He was pretty talented at finding “VOLUNTEERS” to hold the honor of serving their home town and home grown community.  The friends he made with the Rodeo and the entire community was amazing. Many youth learned the real definition of work under his employment. 

Chief Joseph Days Rodeo welcomes the 2017 CJD Marshall Jerry Logosz. 

Featured Picture: Jerry and Jean Logosz