It is that time of year again. The 70th Annual Chief Joseph Days Court is now selling tickets door to door, phone to phone, and even email to email.

Serving on the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Court provides young women an excellent opportunity to improve poise and self assurance as they attend various community events, activities, parades, and rodeo appearances throughout the year.


Today was the day. The 70th Chief Joseph Days court is ready to roll with ticket sales… Picture ©Angelika U. Dietrich – Wallowa Valley Online

The experience of being on the CJD court will be an ever bonding tie to your community, CJD, PRCA, and the sport of rodeo not to mention the value of the friendships and connections you will form throughout the year.

The ladies have until the day of coronation, which is also the day of second tryouts, to sell tickets. To support these wonderful young ladies take a look at the posters and information and give them a call today!

Princess Addie Kilgore

Addie Kilgore Poster

Contact Addie
Phone: 541-263-0447
Email: addiecjdqueencandidate@gmail.com


Princess Jesse-Ellen Woodhead

Jesse Ellen Woodhead Poster

Contact Jesse-Ellen
Phone: 541-398-8054
Email: jessecjd2015@gmail.com


Princess Marli Tracy-Mallory

Marli Traci Poster

Contact Marli
Phone: 541-398-2196
Email: marlimtracy@gmail.com