By Diane Witherrite ~ I would like to share with you a little about a friend of mine and also one of my Dad’s best friends. He is one of those behind the scene kind of guys.

The last 33 years he has volunteered his time to help put on one of the best small rodeos in the Northwest. (I believe it is called Chief Joseph Days. )

When I think back over the years and remember watching Dad, Dave Turner, Jerry Winegar and several others all working together they seemed to know just what the other guy was thinking and doing.

What a team they all where! Tonight we are honoring Jerry for his dedication to Chief Joseph Days as or 2013 Grand Marshall. We all know that Jerry would be the first to say he could not have done it without his outstanding crew that kept coming back year after year after year.

Jerry’s first year at Chief Joseph Days was 1964 as a Team Roper. Jerry transferred to Joseph with the US Forest Service in 1977 where he was employed for 28 ½ years. It did not take long for the CJD crew to put him to work as in 1978 he signed on as a volunteer. Jerry was an Arena Director for 8 years and then moved down to working the roping end of the arena.

The last few years his wife Ruby and he have enjoyed hauling horses all over the US. (Alaska being one of the favorite places).

Both enjoy riding their horses in Wallowa, Union, and Grant Counties. I think they both enjoy golfing but I have to admit I have never seen them out on the golf course.

However that could be because I have never been there myself. Jerry was one of the original Directors of Mule Days and a member of the Elks Lodge. With all of this said I would like to say he is one heck of a GOOD Cowboy.

Thanks for all you do!