Bullfighter Loyd Ketchum at the 2011 Chief Joseph Days protecting a young bullrider during the Mini Bull riding competition.

Loyd Ketchum began his career at an early age. Growing up in a small rural town in eastern Montana, rodeo was a part of everyone’s life. His mother is a barrel racer, and while traveling with his mother he developed a love for horses and rodeo himself.

While attending high school and college he participated in every event except bareback riding. It wasn’t until after college that he began his bullfighting career. He began by working amateur rodeos, being both the funny man and the bullfighter.

In 1987 Loyd got his PRCA card and started bullfighting with the professionals. In the late 80’s and early 90’s Wrangler Bullfighting became one of the most popular events at the rodeos. He not only participated in the bullfights, but he also worked as cowboy protection.

One of Loyd’s greatest achievements in his career was winning the Wrangler Bullfights at the NFR in 1991. From 1992-96 he was chosen to be the bullfighter at the NFR. Loyd was also very involved with RAWHIDE (Rodeo Athletes on Wellness). RAWHIDE consisted of a team of rodeo champions promoting fitness, self-esteem, nutrition, and inspiring college athletes to make good choices.

During the 90’s Loyd established himself as one of the best bullfighters in the PRCA, which has generated enough work to keep him busy all year round. Not only working in the PRCA, he also worked many of the Bull Riders Only events that continued on to be the PBR. Loyd’s slogan is “Bullfighting With Class and Finesse.”

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He has shown class and finesse over many years and will continue for many more. While seeing the PRCA grow and evolve over the years, Loyd continues to travel often from rodeo to rodeo. He consistently shows his dedication, loyalty, and support to both the PRCA and the sport of Rodeo.

You can see Loyd signing autographs, speaking at schools and libraries, making television and radio appearances, and supporting his passion for the world of RODEO!!!

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