Your Rodeo Entertainment  Begins Here

Hello, I am Brian Potter, I am a Professional Rodeo Clown from Newville, Alabama. I have been involved in rodeo for the past 25 years.

For the 10 years I have been a PRCA clown, even though I have been clowning and bull fighting for the past 15 years in other rodeo associations.I have worked in over 28 different States and Canada during this time.

I pride myself as being a hard worker. I demonstrate this hard working attitude by staying in the arena as much as possible. I believe a rodeo should be a show not an event. It takes a team effort from the Contractor, Announcer, Clown and the Crowd to put on a great show.

I would have to say one of my biggest assets as a clown in my ability to work the crowd. I like to get the crowd really involved, by clapping, cheering, dancing and just having fun.

Some of my best acts include Moto Cross Mike, Fanny Oakley, Alabama Fire Water, Wildest Rodeo Fan and more.

The act I am most proud of is with my 9 year old daughter Cassidy and her 31 inch horse, Hershie. Cassidy is one of the youngest Trick Horse Performers in rodeo, if not the youngest.

She performs about eight (8) crowd pleasing tricks with her horse. We are really looking forward to the 2011 rodeo season.

I hope to meet you down the road at your rodeo!

Visit Brian’s Website and watch him work!